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Insurance Information

Patients with Private Insurance:

We accept most all major insurance. If you have a private insurance, you may be able to receive your diabetic supplies at a minimal or no cost to you. Gathright-Reed helps you save money by carrying your insurance’s preferred brand. By choosing your preferred brand, your copays will be a fraction of the cost of a non-preferred brand. For a price estimate on what your copays would be with your particular insurance, please call us at:   1-800-852-5717.

Patients with Medicaid:

Patients with Medicaid have zero copays. In most cases, Medicaid insurance covers the complete cost of all supplies.

Patients with Medicare:

Your cost for a 90-day supply is $19.95. We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks. We can provide you with a HFCA 1500 form for you to file with Medicare for your reimbursement.

Patients with no insurance:

Our patients who have no insurance and would still like the benefits our company has to offer you, you may pay the cost of your supplies out-of-pocket, often at a lower cost to you than a pharmacy. Please contact our customer service department for pricing information.

Click HERE to download a HFCA 1500 Form.